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Janelle Hynes

"As a collegiate athlete with a busy schedule (between school, softball and lifting), Perfectly Prepped meals give me the nutrients to get through everyday while staying healthy. They are affordable and are about the only meals that can fill me up with a full schedule. I love Perfectly Prepped meals because I know I am fueling my body the healthy way and supplying my body with the nutrition I need to reach my full potential as an athlete and as a student."

College Athlete, Crossfitter, Olympic Lifter



As a competitive athlete, I'm constantly looking for food that can fuel my workout and aid my recovery. Perfectly Prepped is by far the best meal prep service I have used and (even as a college student) all at a reasonable price. Not only is the menu constantly varied, but it is also made fresh everyday, so you never have to eat around freezer burn or sacrifice taste.

College Athlete, Crossfitter, Olympic Lifter

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Beth Hoehner

"Thanks Scott for helping me stay healthy and sane! Your service provides delicious, healthy meals and cuts hours of recipe hunting, grocery shopping and meal prepping from my Sunday routine!"

Zumba Instructor

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"Scott does an excellent job of providing quality healthy food at a reasonable price with a convenient pick up location. If you haven't given him a shot you should, would you rather spend 7.00 on processed unhealthy food or on your health?"

Owner of Bourbon Barrel Crossfit, Certified Crossfit Trainer