We want to provide freshly cooked meals every day with only the freshest ingredients.


All meals are made with gluten-free ingredients. They are high in protein and low in sugars and carbs.  These meals are ideal for someone in training or someone wanting to better his or her body.

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Scott Walls

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Scott hasn’t always had a great relationship with food. In fact, he spent much of his childhood hating it. As a high school wrestler who wanted nothing more than to wrestle at a lower weight class as an underclassman, Scott would starve himself on Tuesday through Friday to lose 16 pounds by Saturday morning. It was a vicious cycle, one that he quickly realized was skewed when he returned to that same high school wrestling team five years later. This time, he was the head coach.

Scott followed the popular patterns of adulthood and used the busy excuse to take care of his nutritional needs. His waist quickly grew from 34 to 38 inches. He tried the typical gym routine, but with no success. It wasn’t until a friend asked him to join the local Crossfit gym that Scott’s mentality towards working out changed. He was immediately hooked, and after one year, he yearned for his body to make more drastic changes. Scott knew that his nutrition was the next step in his journey to his best health.

Scott bought into the Paleo diet and started prepping his meals each week. Immediately, he started gaining muscle and losing inches. When he moved from Indiana to Kentucky to follow his daughter’s dream of being a world’s grand champion equestrian, his priority was to find a local Crossfit gym to call home. He quickly became a certified trainer at Bourbon Barrel Crossfit, and many of the clients and other trainers were intrigued by Scott’s nutrition plan. People started paying him to make extra food in his weekly meal prep, and he happily obliged.

Three people turned into seven. Seven turned into twelve. Twelve turned into twenty-two. Fast forward one year, and Scott is still cooking strong with over 200 loyal customers, over 100 recipes, and multiple partnerships with area Crossfit boxes. He will always be thankful to have gained the knowledge to change his lifestyle, which in turn, can help change others’ lives.

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